Bohanan Limited is an independent third-party marketing firm to provide sales and marketing services to a select group of high-quality asset managers. Stephan von Posern established Bohanan in 2019 following a successful 25 years as an institutional equity executive in New York and London with RBC Capital Markets, Bear Stearns, Cowen and Macquarie Bank. His ambition is to introduce unique investment strategies to his broad base of relationships with asset owners and allocators.

Passionate about boutiques

We are passionate about focused asset managers that specialise in a single asset class, strategy or investment style. History has shown that asset managers like these have the best chance of outperforming generalist and passive managers. Specialisation brings more significant focus, creates less internal friction and aligns the interests of fund managers and their investors. Historically, focused active managers have added more on the upside and lost less on the downside. We have the passion, expertise, insights and market knowledge to help asset managers like these reach investors who could benefit from their speciality.

“An important consideration is the alignment of interest that typically exists within boutiques between the fund manager and end-investor.”