Accessing new markets, finding new investors

We understand that you face significant challenges, including increasing regulation, intense margin pressure and the ever-encouraging rise of passives. Meeting and overcoming these challenges requires that you continue finding new markets and drawing new assets into existing investment products. Strong performance and differentiated offerings can, of course, help to get institutional investors attention. But when expanding into new markets or market segments, that may not be enough. Success requires distribution experience, market knowledge, endurance and unrelenting hard work, all of which can distract a boutique from its prime function of generating alpha for its investors.

Building regional expertise

The cost and complication of building regional expertise pose significant hurdles to cross-border expansion. What worked in one country may not work in another – local knowledge is essential. Be it banks, insurers, wealth managers, asset managers, endowment funds, family offices or corporates, and institutional investors; each has different requirements. These requirements depend on the investor’s scope, regulatory body and charter. The fund administration has to match the investor’s needs in their region. Passporting a fund from one region to another is often not enough.

Addressing the regulatory burden

In Europe, regulations require end investors to retain data on file about any funds that they hold. Asset managers need to provide the data, but sometimes they fail to do this on time or not at all. This damages the asset manager’s relationship with the client and its reputation in the market.

Bohanan can help you meet these challenges

Visit our Solutions page to find out how an experienced and professional distribution partner can help you to meet each of these challenges. We can free you to focus on what you do best: delivering outstanding performance for your investors.