Bohanan: a specialist distribution partner

Bohanan offers you an independent distribution partner. We exist to help first-rate boutique asset managers like you to bridge the gap to institutional investors who need your services. We specialise in international boutique and emerging investment managers that lack an in-house salesforce or don’t reach certain regions. We can help you grow your investor base within Germany and beyond. We work with early-stage managers as well as more mature, late-stage managers in defining and implementing a strategy to find suitable investors. We introduce those owner-operated asset managers to the complete range of institutional and wholesale investors.

Getting the basics right

Once you have onboarded a client, ongoing and effective communication and reporting is essential to building and solidifying the relationship. We can help you to get the basics right, taking away any worries you have. Our rigorous and expert investor communication process differentiates our offering. For example, investors in many regions, especially Germany, demand complex and frequent information about their investments. German regulations require investors to have up-to-date data on their fund investments. Having a data and reporting infrastructure that responds promptly to client requests and delivering the right information on time is vital for a strong relationship with the investor. Time and again, we have seen automated reporting channels let asset managers down. We supply a single, trusted source of information to your investors, building and safeguarding your reputation and relationships. We know what kind of service clients demand and the depth of information they require. We make sure they have what they need when they need it.